2010-12-07 22:22:22 by Linkakami

Egospace is my second Newgrounds submission and is a great improvement over my previous works (including and up to Gurren Layton). While I feel it goes too quickly (I memorized the subs, so it's harder for me to notice), I still enjoy it. As with any project though, I learned as I went along, so the second half is vastly superior to the first. Still, I have a lot to learn about animation and audio editing, but hopefully I'll get better as time goes on.

If you're curious at all about what the hell is going on in the Flash, it's a quick reboot of an old comic I did for school. The idea is that our brown haired protagonist (who is my author-surrogate) is transported to "Egospace," a dimension inside one's own head where someone can come face to face with their emotions. Academ (our shadow antagonist) represents all of our protagonists/my fears, doubts, and negative emotions in general. Quickly figuring out the rules of this world, the avatar calls upon his inner courage/strength who finishes the fight in his place. That's it in a nutshell I guess--there's more to the characters, but I won't bore you with details.

To see more of these characters, feel free to visit my Deviantart page and give it a look!


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