The Retail Experience

2011-07-30 16:06:05 by Linkakami

The Retail Experience is my third submission to Newgrounds, and my...5th time using flash I think? I'm certainly learning new little tricks and animation techniques along the way, and I'm getting a bit smarter about it each time.

This latest flash was actually conceived last August when I was working a retail job for the summer and got annoyed with people who regarded the back room as some magical place where we hid items from them when the reality of the situation was that our back room usually just carried things we had /too many of/ or were too big to put on the floor (like furniture). I got several talented voice actors (RicePirate, Queen0fHearts, EyesAdrift) who were helpful and recorded their lines last August, but in between then and now I got busy with my final year at university (Right before I could start on the flash, I started an intro to animation class, which Egospace was the final for) and had no time to work on it. Not working this summer, waiting to make my first book available online, and getting ready to travel in a week, I wanted a quick project I could do to keep me busy, and I remembered the voice recordings they had done for me.

So tl;dr,
Wrote a year ago, storyboarded and animated in 6 days 11 months later.

If you enjoyed it, please spread it to friends!


2010-12-07 22:22:22 by Linkakami

Egospace is my second Newgrounds submission and is a great improvement over my previous works (including and up to Gurren Layton). While I feel it goes too quickly (I memorized the subs, so it's harder for me to notice), I still enjoy it. As with any project though, I learned as I went along, so the second half is vastly superior to the first. Still, I have a lot to learn about animation and audio editing, but hopefully I'll get better as time goes on.

If you're curious at all about what the hell is going on in the Flash, it's a quick reboot of an old comic I did for school. The idea is that our brown haired protagonist (who is my author-surrogate) is transported to "Egospace," a dimension inside one's own head where someone can come face to face with their emotions. Academ (our shadow antagonist) represents all of our protagonists/my fears, doubts, and negative emotions in general. Quickly figuring out the rules of this world, the avatar calls upon his inner courage/strength who finishes the fight in his place. That's it in a nutshell I guess--there's more to the characters, but I won't bore you with details.

To see more of these characters, feel free to visit my Deviantart page and give it a look!

First Submission

2010-05-23 04:41:46 by Linkakami

Hello Newgrounds! After lurking and watching/playing Flashes on this site since 2000 (content sure was not appropriate for a 10 year old back then!), I've finally learned enough Flash to contribute something of my own!

While this is my first submission to Newgrounds, it is still only my fourth project done in Flash, and the first time I've ever made, edited, and organized audio, so please forgive me if there are playback errors, or it doesn't seem too impressive. Because I was learning a lot about how Flash works while I was going, some parts are more actiony/detailed than others. Scenes were worked on out of order, so quality will vary. Entire Flash was done in 9 days.

Most of all, I just hope you all enjoy it! It's a corny little thing I wrote the script for back in October and was going to make into a comic, but since then I learned some basic Flash, so I decided to try and animate it. Gurren Lagann is my favorite anime and I loved the Professor Layton games (and I'm a huge fan of Skaijo's Flash series), so I figured a mash-up would be fun!